A Comprehensive Guide to Moles and Their Behavior

Moles, creatures known for their industrious tunneling, can cause noticeable damage to your yard with their incessant digging. These small mammals, while fascinating in their own right, can become a considerable nuisance when they decide to make your garden their playground. Their tunneling and molehill creation not only disfigure the landscape but also harm the roots of plants.

While there are various control measures from mole repellents to homemade remedies, managing a mole infestation might require professional intervention. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deeper into understanding moles, their behavior, and effective yard mole control strategies, highlighting the importance of professional mole removal.

Call 629-277-0933 For Yard Mole Removal in Nashville Tennessee
Call 629-277-0933 For Yard Mole Removal in Nashville Tennessee

Ground Moles and Their Behavior

Ground moles, also referred to as yard moles, lawn moles, and garden moles, are underground-dwelling animals that belong to the Talpidae family. They have cylindrical bodies, powerful forelimbs with large spade-like paws, and velvety fur. These adaptations aid in their digging habits, allowing them to tunnel through soil easily. They also boast excellent hearing and smell senses but have poor eyesight.

Moles possess elongated snouts with sharp teeth, which they use to feed on insects, worms, and grubs found underground. They play a vital role in soil aeration and nutrient cycling but can become problematic when their digging behaviors interfere with human activity.

Nuisance Yard Mole Damage

Moles are solitary creatures that create intricate tunnel systems in search of food. Their digging habits can cause significant damage to your yard, including the creation of molehills and shallow tunnels running beneath the surface. Molehills are mounds of soil that form when moles excavate their tunnels near the ground’s surface, pushing up the excess soil as they move along. These unsightly molehills not only ruin the appearance of your yard, but they can also make it challenging to mow the lawn or walk around without tripping. Furthermore, their tunnels can damage plant roots and destabilize the soil, making it susceptible to erosion.

Yard Mole Removal and Control

If you suspect a mole infestation in your yard, there are various control methods you can employ to manage the situation. Prevention measures such as removing their food source, applying mole repellents, and installing physical barriers can help deter moles from your yard. However, these methods may not always be effective. In such cases, it might be necessary to seek professional help for more efficient and long-term solutions. Professional companies have the knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment to effectively remove moles from your yard without causing harm to the environment.

The Importance of Professional Animal Mole Removal

While there are various DIY methods for mole control, hiring a professional company is crucial in ensuring the safe and effective removal of moles from your yard. Attempting to remove ground moles yourself can be dangerous as they may bite when threatened, and their tunnels can collapse, causing injury. Moreover, professional companies have access to mole repellents and traps that are not available to the public. They also have the expertise to identify and address underlying issues that may be attracting moles to your yard in the first place.


Moles may seem like innocent creatures, but their digging habits can cause significant damage to your yard. Understanding their behavior is essential in effectively controlling and removing moles from your yard. While there are various methods for mole control, hiring a professional company is the safest and most effective approach. Don’t let mole damage ruin your yard – take action and enlist the help of professionals to keep these critters at bay.  So next time you spot those telltale molehills in your yard, remember this comprehensive guide and take the necessary steps to protect your outdoor space from mole damage.

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