Mole Miners offers comprehensive yard mole removal and control services. Call our TWRA licensed mole extermination experts today!
Serving Nashville, Tennessee & Surrounding Areas


Mole Miners offers comprehensive yard mole removal and control services. Call our TWRA licensed mole extermination experts today!
Serving Nashville, Tennessee & Surrounding Areas



Professional Mole Trapping and Control

Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

Are nuisance yard moles taking over your lawn and gardens? Have you noticed a growing number of mole hills and mole tunnels around your property? If so, Mole Miners can help! We are a TWRA licensed and insured wildlife control company with decades of experience providing residential and commercial yard mole removal and control services in and around Nashville, Tennessee. With our extensive knowledge of animal mole removal, mole repelling, and lawn mole damage repair, you can trust that our expert mole exterminators can help get rid of ground moles in the yard, safely and efficiently. And if you have a vole infestation, we can help get rid of them too. Contact us at 629-277-0933 to get started with mole trapping and mole control, today.

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Comprehensive Animal
Mole Removal

When it comes to getting rid of ground moles, Mole Miners is your trusted source for flexible and convenient mole trapping and removal services in Nashville, Tennessee. Our uncomplicated, 5-Step process is safe, humane, and most importantly, effective. We render results that outlast our competition’s methods of mole controls. To get started, simply call or text us at 629-277-0933 and tell us about your nuisance mole problem. If you would like to move forward with our services, schedule a time for our mole exterminators to visit your property and provide a full inspection. Next, we will compose a written estimate. If you accept, we will initiate our animal mole removal procedure. Two to four weeks later, we will follow up with a progress inspection, and if needed, repeat the removal process a second time. We can also get rid of voles.

We are a licensed and insured animal removal company.

Lawn Mole Removal Services Nashville TN

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TWRA Licensed & Insured Mole Trappers

Lawn Mole Removal Services in Nashville Tennessee

Mole Miners is a TWRA licensed and insured critter control company that specializes in yard mole removal and repellent services. We have the top-quality resources, training, certifications, and expertise to eliminate yard mole problems safely and effectively. We serve both residential and commercial customers with comprehensive lawn mole removal services, including mole trapping, mole proofing, and mole deterrent systems to get rid of ground moles. We can also repair lawn damage caused by moles. As an added benefit, we provide free estimates and advice for all our customers. Our mole trappers service all of Nashville, Tennessee, and its surrounding areas, including Brentwood, Clarksville, Hendersonville, Smyrna, Nolensville, Murfreesboro, Gallatin, Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, Kingston Springs, Ashland City, Pleasant View, and all surrounding areas. With years of experience in the field, Mole Miners can provide the effective solutions you need for your yard mole problem, regardless of size or scope. Got voles in the yard? We provide vole removal too!

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Mole Miners is TWRA licensed, retains an Animal Damage Control license, plus maintains full coverage liability insurance.

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Check out what our satisfied Nashville customers are saying about us!

I would highly recommend Mole Miners for mole exterminators. They worked fast and the moles were gone in a matter of weeks. The owner was very professional and down to earth and gave me lots of advice about critter control for moles and other animals. I live in the middle of the woods so I deal with alot of critters on my property.
Clarksville, TN
Mole Miners owner was really helpful and professional. They were able to solve our ground mole problem at an affordable price. The owner came out and inspected our property for free and even repaired the lawn damage caused by moles. Definitely would recommend them for anyone dealing with mole infestations.
Murfreesboro, TN
I could not get rid of moles in my yard and was running out of options. Called Mole Miners and the owner was available to come over for a free inspection on the same day. Charged a fair rate and their mole removal process only took a few steps. I noticed results in as little as a few weeks which really surprised me.
Pleasant View, TN
I cannot recommend mole miners enough! The owner was super professional and really knowledgeable about moles. He walked the entire lawn with me and explained the best way to get rid of the moles. I am so happy I called them because they also fixed my grass and the price was so reasonable.
Ashland City, TN
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