No need to fret over a surplus of molehills and mole tunnels on your Nashville, Tennessee property. Mole Miners offers full-service lawn damage repair solutions that can quickly and efficiently restore your turf and gardens to their former glory! Our highly trained, TWRA licensed and insured operators have many years of experience in the animal mole removal and control industry. We specialize in repairing yard mole damage like molehills, tunneling, garden upheaval, uprooting, and ground instability. This means you can trust that the job will get done right regardless of size or scope. With Mole Miners on your side, you won’t have to worry about spending long hours repairing your own lawn, nor spending obscene amounts of money on lawn maintenance and landscaping renovation service.
Don't stress if your lawn has many unsightly molehills and mole damage. When we service your property, our goal is to catch the moles in no more than 4 weeks. After that, we will be able to start remediating some of the damage they caused, eventually restoring its beauty once again! Here at Mole Miners, we are committed to repairing any and all lawn mole damage we find along the way so that you can reclaim a vibrant yard without delay!

Repair Molehills and Mole Tunnels in Tennessee

Moles can be a terrible nuisance in lawns and gardens, causing damage to lawns, plants, and trees. They create unsightly mounds, ridges, folds, veining, and tunnels of soil that can ruin the look of your lawn. If you're having problems with yard moles in Nashville and surrounding areas, Mole Miners is the perfect solution for all your yard pest control needs. We are a TWRA licensed and insured ground mole removal and control company in Nashville, Tennessee that specializes in full-service yard mole removal, mole control , and of course, lawn damage repair.

Our team of professionals is devoted to giving you the highest quality job possible while providing excellent customer service at all stages. You can trust us to get it done correctly and on time. We are also committed to providing free estimates and advice, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns regarding our services. Reclaim your outdoor sanctuary and feel secure knowing that your view will be free of unsightly dirt mounds, soil tunnels, and similar property devastation caused by moles!

Call us directly at 629-277-0933 or schedule online to receive a free consultation for lawn mole damage repair service. We assist residential and commercial customers throughout and around Nashville, Tennessee, serving more than 12 outer counties. So, get in touch to get your lawn back in shape fast! Trust the experts at Mole Miners to take care of all your molehill removal and repair needs, starting with free estimates and free advice!
Common Kinds of Yard Mole Damage
Lawn mole activity often presents itself through lawn veining. This frustrating result of nuisance moles looks like large, raised veins of heaving dirt spread across your yard. What are moles doing inside these tunnels? Well, these vein-like soil patterns are either surface tunnels or feeding runways. Yard moles can construct them at a rate of 10 feet per hour, so it is vital to get rid of lawn moles as soon as possible. Not only does underground mole activity like veining and tunneling devalue your property, but they also pose serious ground stability hazards to people and pets.

Let Mole Miners take care of your mole-infested property! Our team is ready to help you get rid of ground moles, keep them away for good, and repair the damage they left behind. Contact us today at 629-277-0933 to learn about our TWRA licensed and insured mole control solutions in and around Nashville, Tennessee.
When moles tunnel around underground, they can create heaving trails of mole tunnels above ground. But when yard moles break through to the surface, they produce molehills- giant mounds of dirt and soil. On average, animal moles are capable of creating 6 or more molehills per day. Without any preventive measures, your yard could be overrun with mounds of dirt in as little as one week! Fortunately, it is never too late to solve a yard mole problem. Call Mole Miners now to repair lawn damages caused by molehills and mole tunnels!

Yard Mole Damage Solutions

We Repair Lawn Mole Damages

Moles can cause significant damage to lawns, gardens, and landscaping. They are notorious for leaving behind unattractive tunnels and molehills, which can greatly affect the appearance and value of a residential or commercial property. Fortunately, Mole Miners offers comprehensive yard mole damage repair services in Nashville, Tennessee, and its surrounding areas. Our lawn repair solutions can minimize or eliminate lawn mole damage and reestablish the original brilliance and glory of your lawn! Our lawn repair process often begins with raking the lawn and loosening the soil around the molehills, From there, we begin removing mounded-up vegetation along with any collateral debris. In some cases, soil may need to be added back into flat spots, then leveled with a rake. We usually make this assessment as we work. Additionally, grass seed may need to be applied over bare areas for additional regrowth. With diligent lawn repair, any signs of mole damage can soon be reduced or eliminated, and a lawn's staying power can be restored!

Lawn Sowing Solutions for Yard Mole Damage

Lawn sowing is a process of preparing lawns to be replanted with new grass seeds. It is done by removing the old, dead lawn grass plants and replacing them with new lawn seed. This method of re establishing a lawn can help ensure that the lawn is healthy and looks great. It can also help reduce weeds in the lawn, as well as preventing soil erosion. The technique of lawn sowing should be done at least once every one or two years, especially if an area has had an especially harsh winter or dry spell over the summer months. Making sure that your lawn is healthy through sowing can greatly improve its appearance and long term sustainability.

DIY Tips for Lawn Mole Yard Repair

Although lawn mole damage renovation is best left to the fully-equipped professional at Mole Miners, you may be able to tackle a smaller outbreak on your own with a few simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tips. First, it is important to repair any damage caused by the moles. An easy way to repair molehills is to redress the soil that was pushed up and reseed the grass if needed. Also, it is beneficial to remove any food sources like worms in order to discourage them from returning. To repair bigger tunnels, fill them with soil and pack it down firmly before smoothing over the surface of your lawn with a rake. You can move forward with re-seeding or lawn sowing, which comes with its own set of steps and guidelines. After you have made your molehill repairs, be sure to water regularly and take extra caution when dethatching and aerating your lawn for maximum repair success.

Take Action Now to Get Rid of Ground Mole Damages

If your landscapes have been wrecked by nuisance ground moles, take action now. Call Mole Miners at 629-277-0933 or fill out a Request Service Form online, to schedule a free estimate to learn what it will take to restore your lawn’s original glory. Not only can we get rid of moles and repair the damage they cause, but we are also here to protect your property from future yard mole infestations with our mole repellent services. Our Nashville mole removal experts can provide lasting solutions to your mole problems. Get in touch today!